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Why risk losing your site?

Sadly there are lots of dangers present on the internet, including hackers, trojan horses, and any number of computer nasties many of which can harm, and in some cases completely destroy, your website. Often this isn't noticed until a client mentions it, or worse, you stop getting calls.

Making a regular backup is a good way to reduce the risks and while it is possible to backup the site yourself, we find that many clients forget because they are busy doing what they need to do in the normal day to day running of their business.

Why not let us take away the risk and do your backups for you?

We can provide a service to backup your site at least once a month and store the backups securely offsite in case of an emergency, or if you update your site regularly, we can organise a backup schedule to suit your individual requirements.

For our Joomla and WordPress clients we offer a service to ensure that the regular Joomla and WordPrerss security updates are applied, making sure you have the best security possible for your site, helping keep the nasties at bay.

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