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What is E-Commerce?

In it’s simplest form e-commerce can be defined as the buying and selling of products or services via the Internet, e.g. via a website.

The scope for e-commerce is varied and wide ranging these days, and is fast becoming the preferred alternative to the high street for new business start up companies.

A few examples of e-commerce are for the purpose of:

  • Selling products (e.g. consumables, diy, electronics, property etc, etc)
  • Online catalogues/brochures
  • Stocks & shares
  • Banking

More and more high street retailers are now updating their websites to include an element of e-commerce into their business, or are moving away from being a high street business to being a purely online business.

There are many benefits to trading online for both the business and the consumer. For businesses there are reduced overheads and the supply chain etc can make a significant difference to their bottom line. For the consumer there are lower costs and the convenience of shopping without leaving your home (including grocery shopping for busy mums etc).

We have a number of clients already using e-commerce on their websites, so why not talk to us about either updating your existing website, or building you a brand new website?

Our wide range of technology allows us to offer a wide range of e-commerce solutions, anything from a very basic online shop to a fully bespoke online ordering system.